In June 2018 I visited the valley of Visoko in Bosnia with the amazing pyramids. I was touched by the peaceful and harmonious ambiance in Visoko and at the park Ravne II, where international art projects are exhibited.
It inspired in me the wish to realise a large sculpture at Visoko.

As an artist and sculptor the theme of my work is “Love & Connectedness”.
My major design is a sculpture entitled “World Harmony”.
The sculpture represents a world of interconnected people living harmoniously together.

World Harmony sculpture Diane Timmer

Life on earth in harmony with one another, with nature and the universe, is symbolically imaged in this bronze globe.

World Harmony sculptuur Diane Timmer
liefde en verbondenheid symbool Diane Timmer

The sculpture consists of symbols, hexagons and pentagons, that represent people in a circle with hearts in between.
It refers to the love and connection between individuals. On a larger scale it refers to groups, tribes, peoples or countries.
The flowerlike image reminds us that we are part of nature.
The similarity to a star reminds us that we are made of stardust and thus part of the universe.

World Harmony in Visoko
I have the strong wish to inspire people by placing this symbolic sculpture at a number of special places in the world. I choose spots with special significance, where people come together in peace to create a harmonious, sustainable world.

The valley of Visoko in Bosnia, an area with a history of war and conflict, is now a place where we see a movement of spirituality and unity. This natural healing place, where people from all over the world meet, seems to me the perfect place to realise my sculpture “World Harmony” and connect Visoko to other similar places. The sculpture increases consciousness through the power of its message in universal language and amplifies local healing energies.

World Harmony sculpture Diane Timmer
World Harmony sculpture Diane Timmer

artist impressions

I suggest a bronze globe with a diameter of two meters at a prominent spot in the park Ravne II. For instance, a suitable spot would be near the hexagonal conference hall that is being built to house visitors. The sculpture should function as an eyecatcher in the park, well visible from a distance. By its structure and transparency it should invite people to approach and sit around the sculpture to gaze and meditate upon it. It could also play a central part in ceremonies or group activities.

The placing seems to me the most attractive in the midst of a round water basin. The sculpture’s reflection adds an extra dimension to the work of art. The healing pyramid water also enhances the energy emanating from the sculpture. A broad stone ring around the whole which people could sit upon would complete it.

World Harmony sculpture Diane Timmer

With lighting within the globe the sculpture would have an otherwordly effect in the dark and would project its motifs in the form of shadows upon its surroundings. An extra dimension would be evoked and it would function as a beacon of light in the park.